The dollar rises 25 cents to $ 39.41 and marks the third consecutive increase


It is in line with the Single Market and Free Exchange (MULC), where the currency rises 33 cents to $ 38.50.

In the informal market, in turn, blue Stable for $ 38, according to the research of this medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" rebounded on Friday, 25 cents, to $ 37.84.

The US central bank will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday to decide on the cost of the loan and will also provide economic projections and increases in federal funds. In addition, the head of the agency, Jerome Powell, will hold a press conference after the meeting.

The Fed would raise the benchmark rate to one day in a quarter of a percentage point, from the current range of 2% to 2.25%. The agency has raised its rates three times this year and in the minutes of its last meeting said another increase would be justified very soon but opened the debate over when to take a break.

It should be remembered that the dollar has risen 77 cents last week and near $ 39.08, after moving 27 cents on Friday, to private hedge, amid a surplus of domestic liquidity following recent offers of letters and counter the advance of the US currency in foreign markets.

The ticket followed the wholesale segment, where the currency tossed 34 cents to $ 38.17 in a wheel with ups and downs and marked volatility. In the week, however, the US currency accumulated an increase of 77 cents.

The Central Bank auctioned 7-Day Liquidity Letters for $ 125,132 million ($ 34,622 million were released), with an average cutoff rate of 59.08% (on Thursday it had closed at 59.16%). The maximum yields granted were 59.75% and the minimum yields were 58.4%.

Fernando Izzo, of ABC Mercado de Cambios, pointed out that "the surprising news of the week was that the BCRA released US $ 144.280 million and the dollar appreciated only 2.1% without monetary authority intervention."

"The projections that anticipated a recovery of the dollar in the wholesale were confirmed on the date and may be setting up a new scenario that, without dramatization, presents a price increase until the end of December," said PR Currency Brokers.

In the informal market, in turn, the blue opera is stable at $ 37.65, according to the survey of that medium in caves of downtown Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" recovered yesterday at 25 cents, to $ 37.84.

Other Money Markets

In the money market between banks, call money was traded at an average of 58%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 156 million were agreed to raise and / or put funds into pesos through the use of dollar buying and selling by next Monday and Tuesday.

In the future ROFEX market, US $ 1,165 million were traded, of which more than 70% were agreed between December and January, with final prices of US $ 39,075 and US $ 40.90, with rates of 61.81% and 54.39. % TNA, respectively.

Finally, the BCRA's international reserves rose on Thursday, US $ 40 million, and ended at US $ 49,882 million.


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