The dollar jumps 13 cents to $ 38.16 after the announcement of the $ 50 million BCRA auction,


At the same time, the Single Market and Free Exchange (MULC) rose 25 cents to $ 37.15, a few minutes after the start of the round, the monetary authority announced through the Siopel system that to buy up to $ 50 million in foreign exchange market through the auction scheme at 12.15.

This is the first time that the BCRA has intervened in the market with the maximum daily purchase established by the Monetary Policy Committee..

Last Friday, the dollar fell 15 cents to $ 38.03, its lowest since early December, according to the, on a wheel that the entity doubled its purchases of foreign currency to force an increase in the currency.

The ticket, which last week saw a 39 cents drop, followed the Single Market and Free Trade Exchange (MULC), where the US currency fell 18 cents to $ 36.90, 1.3% below the zone bottom. the band, stipulated today at $ 37,379. That week, accumulated a fall of 47 cents and added its fourth consecutive fall.

Other Markets

In the informal market, in turn, the blue closed unchanged at $ 39.25, according to the survey of that medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. In turn, the "counad con liqui" fell 15 cents, to $ 37.09.

In the money market between banks, the call money was transacted by an average of 56%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 163 million were agreed for the acquisition and / or placement of funds in pesos through the use of dollar purchases for next Monday and Tuesday.

In Rofex, US $ 636 million were traded, of which more than 45% were agreed in the months of January and February, operating at the end at US $ 37.08 and US $ 39.15 at rates of 49.46% and 46, 37%, respectively.

On the other hand, Central bank reserves fell $ 7 million to $ 66,035 million.


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