Monday , October 25 2021

The dollar fell 14 cents in the week and closed at $ 39.02


Meanwhile, in the Single Market and Foreign Exchange (MULC), the currency fell seven cents a half and closed below $ 38, to $ 37,975 on a day when was not contagious from movements in the international markets.

In the world, the dollar rose 0.5 percent to 96,759, reversing much of the losses suffered as the Federal Reserve signaled lower interest rate hikes as investors sought refuge in the currency in the face of volatility. markets and a possible partial shutdown of the US government.

In Brazil, the US currency advanced 1.3% and in Mexico, 0.3%.

The highs were recorded at $ 38.25 just started the session product of a very specific demand that could hardly sustain this interval for a short period of time. Revenue from abroad was accentuated during the development of the wheel, generating a drop in the price that deepened at the end, when the lows were recorded at R $ 37.95.

"The need for corporate weights made them continue to stand out from dollar positions," said Fernando Izzo of ABC Mercado de Cambios.

The Central Bank (BCRA) placed Liquidity Bills (Leliq & # 39;) for $ 118,269 million in 13 days and at an average annual rate of 59.38% (on Thursday, it had closed at 59, 58%). The maximum adjudicated rate was 59.85% and the minimum rate was 58.50%.

Gustavo Quintana indicated that "the Next week will have a reduced development for the Christmas holidays and because of the evolution of the market in recent days, it seems unlikely that there will be a significant reaction to the dollar, considering a month and a year much quieter than expected. "

Other Money Markets

In the informal market, on the other hand, the blue closed stable at US $ 39, second survey of that medium in caves of the microcentro porteño. Meanwhile, the "contad con liqui" fell 49 cents to $ 38.10.

In the money market between banks the call money was operated on an average of 56%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 128 million were agreed for the acquisition and / or placement of funds in pesos through the use of dollar purchases for next Wednesday and Thursday.

At the Future Rofex MarketUS $ 1,017 million were traded, of which more than 60% were agreed between December and January, with final prices of US $ 38.43 and US $ 40.3250 at rates of 62.48% and 55.09% of TNA, respectively.

Finally, the BCRA's international reserves fell $ 30 million on Thursday to $ 58,680 million.

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