The disobedient reaction of Isabel Macedo when they reminded her of her fight with Pampita: "I do not remember"


The actress was surprised by the question about her scandalous discussion with the model in 2010. She blinks Urtubey.

Isabel Macedo's disobedient reaction to Intruders when they reminded her of her fight with Pampita

In the midst of the feminist debate and the struggle against machismo, Marcela Tauro he asked Isabel Macedo, who was giving her a cell phone to Intruders with the husband, Juan Manuel Urtubey, for his retro fight with Pampita

The violent discussion took place at a high-profile party in Punta del Este in 2010 after Carolina was upset to see a message from the actress Benjamín VicuñaHailing him cheerfully for the Fiesta. "Let's have another good night," the supposed message said. That year, the actress and actor shared a Telefe.

"First of all, I do not remember, he was doing it (he looked sideways, like a wink, at Urtubey)," Isabel began with grace.

"Today, in the distance, the episode you had with Pampita, in Punta del Este, how do you see? If it had happened to you today, would you have reported it? ", The panelist asked, surprising Isabel, that he did not expect this consultation.

Acting with grace, Macedo answered without restraining his laughter. "First of all I do not remember, he was doing this." (He looked at Urtubey with a wink.) And Taurus refreshed his memory: "The hair rolls (de Pampita)".

It was then that the actress, not wanting to dig the past, concluded: "I passed, if I learned anything, that's it, I do not remember much, if I remembered, I would never do such a scary thing in my life".


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