The director of the Morgue resigned questioned by Elisa Carrió – 11/27/2018


The same day that the deputy and leader of the Civic Coalition advanced against the general administrator of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Hector Daniel Marchi, this same official, defended this Tuesday by the five judges of the highest court, signed the acceptance of the resignation of another high member of the Judiciary pointed by the legislator in an earlier criminal complaint that also included Judge Ricardo Lorenzetti.

This is Fernando Trezza, the medical director of the Judicial Morgue, a body strongly questioned by Carrió for the alleged ineptitude of its members and the alleged old age of their devices used to investigate the causes of death, as – said Carrió in his complaint that time – were those of prosecutor Alberto Nisman and the young intoxicated in the electronic music festival known as Time Warp.

In accordance with resolution 3545/2018, and in accordance with the powers conferred on him at the time by the court, Marchi ordered on Monday "to accept, with effect from December 1 of this year, the resignation presented by the director doctor of the Judicial Morgue, Dr. Fernando Claudio Trezza ", according to the text to which Clarín had access.

In the second point of the brief resolution, Marchi also ordered Trezza to be notified that he "has thirty (30) business days from the date of termination of office to effectively fulfill the obligation to file his Affidavit of Assets."

Carrió had presented yesterday to the head of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, an order to audit the management of Marchi at the head of the General Secretariat of Administration of the highest court and also was signed by his benchmate Juan Manuel López.

Both said they did so in their capacity as members of the Political Judgment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, where Carrió has denounced the former president of the court, Ricardo Lorenzetti, but the order was rejected on Tuesday as unfounded, as it was known this afternoon.

What was not known was the resignation of Trezza, which occurred a day earlier, along with Carrió's request for Marchi. The medical director of the Morgue appeared in the criminal complaint he had made two and a half months ago Carrió against Lorenzetti for the handling of that organism dependent of the maximum court.

The new presentation of Carrio Monday against Marchi, Trezza's resignation that same day and Tuesday's defense of the court administrator by his five judges occurred against the backdrop of the ruling on the payment of income tax by of the judges and the denunciations of the legislator against Lorenzetti.


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