The department where Nisman died is for sale, but they can not find a buyer – 01/13/2019


Almost 4 years have passed since the death of Alberto Nisman, which shocked Argentine public opinion as it came a few days after filing a complaint against then-President Cristina Kirchner. In recent days, it was known that the department where the attorney-in-charge of UFI-AMIA lived it's on sale, although it is difficult to find a buyer.

Three months ago, two real estate agencies published unit 2 of the 13th floor of the exclusive Le Parc Tower, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero. In the bathroom of the apartment, Nisman was found dead on January 19, 2015.

The sale price of the property is 850 thousand dollars, below which a department with the same characteristics is mentioned on the market. According to estimates, the square meter in this area is about $ 7,000, more than 6,000 which is requested by the department that Nisman rented.

The property has 136 square meters covered plus a balcony terrace of 8 square meters. It has two bedrooms en suite with dressing room, living room, large kitchen with dining room, two garages and a storage room, and faces the street Aimé Painé, in front of Hotel Faena. The tower has a swimming pool, gym, solarium and whirlpool among various facilities.

The owner of the apartment is Edgardo Acevedofather of a former private secretary to Nisman, whom the prosecutor rented to him first with a contract and then by word of mouth.

According to the newspaper published on Sunday Profile, a few days ago one of the real estate was close to finalizing the operation, but fell when the buyer discovered that it was the former department of Nisman.

Upon the death of the prosecutor, the department remained in the hands of Justice until October 2015, when he was released. Thus, Acevedo said that he rented it to an Italian couple who worked in the consulate of that country in Buenos Aires. At that time, $ 2,800 was requested for rent, in addition to bills for utilities (gas, electricity, etc.).


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