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The Dangers for Electronic Cigarette Health

In this context to clarify what is happening in the body to vapear, a study published by New England Journal of Medicine, about the fatal victims by steam, the scientific found the same types of lung damage similar to those of the inhalation of highly toxic chemicals. Researchers belonging to the Mayo Clinic have ensured that pathologies are not due to a lipid disorder, as many others have suggested, similar to those that followed when the lungs were exposed to chemical gases.

According to Mayo Clinic the electronic cigarillos are the battery devices that warn of a liquid solution (which usually contains nicotine, always there) and convection into a vapor that can be inhaled. Sometimes, if they call them e-cigarillos, electronic vaporizers or electronic systems of administration of nicotine. The use of electronic cigarillos is known as vapear.

Some electronic cigarillos resemble cigarillos, cigarettes or traditional kites. Others, on the other hand, look like ballgraphs, flash memories or have a completely different design. Electronic cigarettes can be removed from the recharge. Most people use a cartridge, which when disposable is known as a "pod", has a refillable tank containing the electronic yoke. This liquid generally contains nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

The nicotine content in the electronic liquid determines the power of the electronic cigarette expressed in milligrams per milliliter as a percentage. However, studies have planted the concern that product labels do not always have accurate information about nicotine content. Some cartridges contain a concentrated form of nicotine, called nicotine salt. A cartridge containing 5 per cent of nicotine salt can have as much as 30 to 50 milligrams of nicotine, equivalent to the amount of nicotine that fits into one of three cigarillo packets.

The Danger of Electronic Cigarettes

As of 2019, the State Health Departments in the United States report more than 800 possible cases of severe pulmonary disease associated with the use of devices to dispel and the American Medical Association calls for the settlement to be made. These cases have caused the concern that vaping can cause lung damage. On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that electronic cigarette products should be used by the organization to investigate the cause of lung diseases.

Like electronic cigarettes in tobacco, most experts are convinced that they probably have less harmful effects than traditional cigarettes;but some electronic cigarettes may contain harmful substances, as carcinogens, toxic chemicals, and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient of marihuana.

Electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine are not considered safe for teenagers, young adults, or women who are embarrassed. The nicotine that can damage the brain in young children and young adults has been older than 20 years and is toxic to the unborn child. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, some children and adults have also been intoxicated by swallowing, inhaling, or absorbing the liquid from electronic cigarettes through their eyes.

Electronic cigarettes also represent a risk of addiction to nicotine in young and old people who are not smokers and traditional cigarettes and could take long-term use of electronic cigarettes., hecho cuyas consecuencias still unaware, or smoking cigarettes traditional. Studies have seen an increase in the use of electronic cigarillos among adolescents, which relates to the future misuse of traditional cigarillos.

The defective batteries of the electronic cigarettes have caused fires and explosions, in most cases when they are charging.

Are electronic cigarettes helping a person quit smoking?

Studies to prove their electronic cigarettes may help to deter tobacco have given mixed results. Some wells suggest that using only electronic cigarettes with nicotine to quit smoking may result in the cutting off plaza compared to using medicinal replenishes for nicotine. However, There is not enough evidence to compare the safety and efficacy of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking with established and evidence-based treatments.. Electronic cigarettes can only be used for those who are unwilling to quit smoking based on therapies and show what is unsuccessful with these therapies.

If you use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, remember that you want to stop using all tobacco products altogether. In addition, it is not recommended that anyone should use electronic cigarettes with nicotine and smoke traditional cigarettes.

In case you want to quit smoking, the FDA has authorized several medicines that have been proven to be safe and effective For this purpose. What has been shown to work best is a combination of medicines and therapy. Due to unquiet concerns about safety and lack of conclusions from studies on electronic cigarettes as aids to quit smoking, since Mayo Clinic is not recommended to quit this habit.

As director of the Center for Nicotine Dependence at Mayo Clinic, Doctor J. Taylor Hays expressed similar concerns about vaping: “But the most important thing is that people vaping does not involve inhaling water vapor, a solution bell. It is complete with chemical substances that change from their original state because they heat up at high temperatures. If it is not considered dangerous to ingest these compuestos (flavors such as cinnamon and vehicles such as vegetable glycerin), it is not safe to heat and inhale them because of their Cambian chemical components.

“The chemical substances that are now inhaled are different aldehydes and other components derived from these originals, which are thought to be likely to be harmful because some of them have the potential to cause cancer,” said Dr. Hays. .

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