The controversy of the end in Cordoba: Penel did not give a fine to Boca


The last minute of extra was disputed and the game was tied 1-1 between Belgrano and Boca in Cordoba. Xeneize, already aware of Racing's defeat before the River, needed to stay with all three points to get fully into the fight for the Super League.

At that moment, Cristian Pavón took charge of a free kick on the left side of the crescent. His kick hit the crossbar and it hurt the line. With César Rigamonti still sinking to the ground, Ramón Ábila jumped to push his head and decree the triumph of Gustavo Alfaro's team.

However, one hand avoided. It was that of Tomás Guidara, who jumped to annoy the center-of-the-ring and extended his arm to the height of Abila's head, which instantaneously demanded a clear criminal that Ariel Penel did not receive. Hot end in Córdoba.


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