"The construction undergoes a very strong fall, as the commerce and the industry"


As the crisis progresses, the prospect of a rapid recovery disappears. In this sense, the financial analysts most detractors of the policies implemented by the government of Mauricio Macri, maintain that the decline in consumption continues to accentuate and that thousands of jobs are in danger.

"The building undergoes a very strong fall, as well as commerce and industry. Material sales fell 31.8% in December. All 2018 closed with a 7% drop. Car sales in January will be half of what they were in January 2018, "economic journalist David Cufré said during the start of the radio program led by Gustavo Sylvestre.

Meanwhile, after Tuesday's high, the dollar's price could not hold and experienced a new setback yesterday that made it lose almost all of its previous day's profit gain. The US retail price fell 0.34% and closed the day at R $ 38,499, according to a daily survey conducted by the Central Bank in the main entities of the city of Buenos Aires.

In turn, the wholesale dollar closed at $ 37.37, down 23 cents from the previous day. Financial analyst Christian Buteler said that "on Tuesday the Central Bank left weights by renewing Leliqs, for a smaller amount at maturity and the dollar reacted by raising a few cents. floor of the non-intervention zone ".

"In this way, the Central has managed to retake control of prices as important to the economy as the dollar and the rate, through the amount of pesos that it decides to withdraw," he added. Meanwhile, analysts agree that Wednesday's closing price again brings the price of the dollar to the lowest range in the zone of nonintervention determined by the BCRA and again provoke expectations of official interventions to sustain the price of the currency.


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