The British Crown's desperate attempt to stop harassment against Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle


Harassment of the Duchess of Sussex and Cambridge, the wives of Prince William and Harry of England, came to the point that Kensington Palace asked for help from major social networking companies to solve the problem.

"The palace staff spends several hours a week dealing with sexist and racist comments posted on social networks", an anonymous source said Daily Mail.

During the Dukes of Sussex tour to New Zealand last year, a user wrote along with a video of the couple with the icon of a kitchen knife:Soon I'll be the next to Harry, and Meghan will be gone." Other publications accused the former actress of bleaching her skin and described it as "vulgar."

A source working on the royal palace reported that the abuse of the two duchesses reached its peak when rumors of possible rivalry erupted.

"We have basic standards in comments that analyze violent, racist and threatening language and abuse, and we do not eliminate comments that are only critical of a member of the royal family because people have a right to an opinion," he said. However, they eliminate all those harsh offensive comments.

Various media outlets in the UK have supported a campaign to promote good and education on social networks. Under the hashtag #HelloToKindness, they try to calm the waters.

None of the marriages have profiles on social networks. The only one she had was the Duchess of Sussex, who closed her personal accounts a little over a year ago, when she became engaged to Prince Harry.

All news about members of the British crown is revealed through the official accounts of Twitter and the Instagram of Kensington Palace.


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