The Boca sheet with the club scarves sold in Madrid


December 7, 2018

The traditional neck coat is usually sold in Europe in the colors of the old continent's equipment. The final of the Copa Libertadores assumed this custom for the Superclásico with an unforgivable error.

The end of the All rights reserved. Already heated engines in Madrid and opportunists seeking to earn another euro with this party began to sell the traditional scarves with the colors of each team.

In Europe these coats are common with the names of the clubs and the fans show them during the games as if it were a flag. However, Xeneizes They will have to fix their own if they want to have them properly due to a typo.

"Boca junior"Tell the scarves that clearly a"s"In the end, the name of the club is well written and says" Boca Juniors ".

Tevez: "We have the illusion of walking through Monumental"

Meanwhile, this only served to rekindle the controversy of moving the All rights reserved. to Europe and get him out of America, something that undoubtedly took its essence from the tournament and many argued that the definition was taken to a country where they do not know how to write the name of one of the finalist clubs.

Outside the issue of controversy, River and Mouth they will play on Sunday, December 9, at 16:30 in our country, the final of the Copa Libertadores. The game will be played in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid, which will replace the stadium Monumental after the incidents that the micro lived Xeneize on November 24.

In case of a tie during the 90 minutes, they will go for extra time. If during the two 15-minute periods they still do not enjoy it, they will set the competition for penalties. The winner will return to the country with the Cup and the ticket to go and play in a few days Club World.


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