The best combination of beauty of a movie skin


When we think of essencial oils like lavender, jojoba and avocado, we do not really think about how good they can be for our beauty routine and why we should include them. Moisturizers and oils moisturize the skin at different levels, when moisturizers penetrate and work the deeper layers of the skin, the oils maintain a hydration of the shallower layers, but still necessary.

According to experts, essential oils are important to maintain a protective barrier against pollution and free radicals. So it's like giving an extra push to your beauty routine, keeping it protected and penetrating and working better.

Now, not all beauty regimens are created equal, so not all combinations with oils should be the same.

One of the most important points to keep in mind is balance. We want the effect of oil and moisturizer or night cream not to double and end up causing possible damage to the person's skin. For example, if your evening cream or moisturizer includes vitamin C for radiant skin, then it is best to find an oil that is soothing and does not cause that effect either.

Here are some combinations for the best skin care. The safest for all skin types is hyaluronic acid with jojoba oil. Both are moisturizing but light enough for oily skin, and jojoba oil regulates the bait so the skin does not look oily. For dry skin, moisturizers are recommended based on dimethicone, an ingredient used to seal moisture, combined with avocado oil, which is full of fatty acids and vitamin E. Finally for acne skins that probably use retinol creams (which can be irritating but also a good anti-wrinkle ingredient), it is recommended to combine them with sande seed oil. This is anti-inflammatory, and at the same time wet the mouth.


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