The Barcelona coach was annoyed and wants a player to leave the club right now!


The technical director of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, spoke at a press conference in the pre-match of his team's game on Thursday, starting at 17:30 (Argentina time), as a visitor against the raise for the first step of the second round of the King's Cup. But the most impressive was when he referred to the firm decision that a team footballer leaves in this market of European winter passes. for not renewing his contract with the institution (your link ends in June and from there it will be in free condition).

And the rage of the coach is with the Spanish striker Munir El Haddadi, whose representative asked for a millionaire bonus to renew, and then the leadership of Barsa decided to completely break the negotiations. "With Munir, we made a very clear decisionyeah I'm not talking about agents or something. I talk to the players and the conversations I have are private. He made a decision and the club also accepted. We want a solution as soon as possible and if it can be in this winter market, much better. I have nothing against him. He played well and trained well. I do not have much more to add about that, "he replied bluntly on substitute Luis Suarez.

For this reason, Valverde referred to who could replace the Uruguayan striker to give him rest or an eventual injury: "We have solutions for tomorrow and also other B players, like Abel Ruiz, despite being injured, and Rafael Mujica. To see this, our intention is to go out with players who have a goal. Arturo Vidal, nine years? It's a possibility. I will not deny what crossed my mind. He has that impulse. It always arrives in the area. It's an option, let's see. You have to evaluate if we've signed an attacker. It's a possibility"

On the other hand, the 54-year-old analyzed the physical level of his players and the reason for the spins: "I see the team and the players well, with all the talk the cup is wearing, I have to be excited about cup, this gives us a lot, we love to play the final and the semifinal … We have to go ahead and not give up anything, do not think we lost in Rome (in the Champions League last) just because of the wear of the cup, but it is true thatThis month is very intense and we have to change things. We have to make changes.. Let's wait for the list, to see how people have recovered after Getafe. "

In addition to this controversy with Munir, the players of the team have publicly expressed themselves that Valverde follows the next season executing the option in his contract to extend it for another year. "It's okay to say that. Imagine if they said otherwise… I do not want to talk too much about it. We are in this process where the first round will end. Let's talk about it quite naturally, you'll see. When there is something to say, we communicate it"concluded the DT, who a few days ago questioned its continuity in the team of Lionel Messi.


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