The bad moment of Mica Viciconte: collided with a motorcyclist and the police kidnapped the car


Mica Viciconte He experienced a moment of great tension this Monday afternoon after his rehearsal at the La Corte studios before his next performance at the Dancing. The young woman hit your car for a motorcycle: she and the other driver they are wellAlthough he suffered an ankle injury.

According Marina Calabró in The Diary of Mariana, the event took place at 1:50 pm in Charlone and Forest, in the Chacarita neighborhood, and it was Viciconte himself who called 911 to attend young 19 years Who was riding a motorcycle?

For the participant of Dancing they did a breathalyzer test that was negative and then they transferred her to the police station to make a statement. There she was accompanied by her partner, the soccer player Fabián Cubero.

"She had to go to the police station because this type of incident is imputed, she is presenting the papers of the car," she told the company: "I collided with a motorcycle." I did not see and he did not see He has something on his ankle and now I'm here (at the police station). They kidnapped my car, "Calabro said.


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