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"The life of an 11-year-old girl who was tortured for a month by the Provincial Health System was saved," explained gynecologist Cecilia Ousset, one of the doctors who participated in the long Legal Interruption of Pregnancy, which was held on Tuesday. the night to the Tucuman girl to whom the provincial government denied her for one month the right to abort. Ousset and her husband, Jorge Gigena, underwent surgery at the Eva Perón Hospital.

In the cesarean section, which she attended because she was called up by the Provincial Health System, Ousset officiated as an instrumentator, because, explained yesterday, already "exhausted physically and emotionally," she is "a worker, but not an obstacle." In several newspaper interviews throughout the day, she offered shocking details of the procedure they had to subject to the girl because of the refusal of the provincial health ministry to respond to the request to stop the pregnancy when she was still life-threatening. "A baby of this age is in danger of death because she does not have the body developed to continue the pregnancy," said the doctor in conversation with National Radio Tucumán.

For Ousset, it was shocking to see the little girl. "It did not reach 50 pounds," he said, in contrast to what Siprosa's secretary, Gustavo Vigliocco, said last week when he said he wanted to get pregnant as a result of rape.

"The baby played with dolls, and when I saw her, my legs loosened, it was like seeing my youngest daughter." The girl did not fully understand what was going to happen, "explained the doctor, who was called to perform the intervention with her husband at Hospital of the East. To remove her underwear, she said, they had to put her to sleep because she resisted doing it in front of other people, as often happens with children who have been abused.

Once inside the operating room, Ousset said that except for her and her husband, the other health professionals present declared themselves conscientious objectors and refused to perform the cesarean section. Ousset described as "torture" the condition that forced the girl through.

For the doctor, the governor of Tucumán, Juan Manzur, "because of an electoral issue, prevented the legal interruption of pregnancy and the girl was forced to give birth."

Ousset confirmed that the operation was successful and that the girl was "in good general condition". "At 26 weeks, the newborn has a 50% chance of life," he said, on the other hand, regarding the fetus, explaining that "the interruption was made in 23 weeks."

Last year, Dr. Ousset participated actively in the public debate surrounding the legalization of abortion and supported the project. In June, a week before the vote in the House of Representatives, he wrote a post on Facebook that became viral. "For eighteen years in gynecological practice, for women, for Catholics, to work permanently within me to achieve coherence and abandon hypocrisy as much as possible, I say: I WANT LEGAL, INSURANCE AND ABORTION free for all women who are in a exasperating and intimate situation, "he had warned, after telling different cases he had known in daily practice. "I do not like a country where after abortion the rich confess and the poor die, where the rich continue to study and the poor are left with a colostomy bag where the rich have covered the embarrassment of their pregnancy in a clinic and people poor are exposed on a police record. "


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