The Argentine ambassador in Nicaragua said that the Darthés trial will be in Argentina – Télam


The Argentine ambassador to Nicaragua, Marcelo Valle Fonrouge, said that the denunciation against the actor Juan Darthes for the violation of a teenage colleague nine years ago in Managua "had a lot of repercussion" in the Central American country, and said that he will be "a judge of Argentina will take the process forward. "

"There has been much repercussion in Nicaragua and we have heard this in the media since yesterday, they present the situation of the whistleblower and the process as it began in Nicaragua and they give relevance to the fact that she is an actress and she was a minor," said the diplomat in dialogue with the 990.

Fonrouge said that the victim, the actress Thelma Fardin, "came to the consul about this complaint last week" and this unit "was developed to certify a business, which is the complaint she made and that she was present before the judge here in Nicaragua. "

"The entire judicial process requires that the case be first presented, where in this case it is Managua, and once the matter is entered in the Nicaraguan justice system, the judge issues a court order – it is a notification from one judge to another of a a different country, in this case Argentina – to initiate a judicial process (in Argentina) to investigate this crime that is a private instance and that is why it is promoted by the person, in this case is Thelma, who has to follow it giving momentum, " he said.

The diplomat explained that it will not be for the Nicaraguan judge to adopt any other measure because "both the complainant and the accused are in Argentina," and "it is the judge of Argentina who must follow the judicial process" and "the judge who will decide which process and what kind of sentence it will take. "

On the other hand, the ambassador said that Nicaragua can be described as a macho country only "if you look at it from a social point of view."

"If you look at it from the social point of view, it's a chauvinist country: it's a rural society, more inclined to have that unfortunate attitude, but from a legal point of view, there's a willingness of the government to move forward. of the protection and defense of women, is one of the countries with more women in government positions, where even the vice president is a woman, "he said.


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