The application will have the "Holiday Mode"


WhatsApp continually incorporates functions that seek the comfort of each user. So he thought about the holidays and the idea of ​​relaxing, but without losing the content of his messages. As it turned out, the app will incorporate the "Vacation Mode".

WhatsApp will incorporate the
WhatsApp will incorporate the "Vacation Mode".

As the most popular messaging application, Whatsapp It is the preferred medium for friends, family, or co-workers seeking to communicate. However, sometimes the number of messages that accumulate can be abusive. Therefore, the application invented the "vacation mode" so that the intervals can be availed.

Although during the year it is difficult to disconnect from the phone,Whatsapp He thought of a solution to avoid annoying messages during the holidays. The application will incorporate the "Vacation Mode", which will allow users to have the peace of mind that the messages will be saved.

With the new Whatsapp, messages will not be seen when you open the application, so you will eliminate the "temptation" to open workgroups or study partners. However, chats are available if you manually enter the archived chats folder.

According to the technology website WaBeta, "Holiday Mode" pretends that group chat remains "asleep", but the content is archived and can be accessed at any time.

In addition, it was explained that with Vacation Mode, archived conversations will remain "invisible" to the user even when notifications arrive. At the same time, it was highlighted that the user can choose all the chats he wants to stop seeing and in which he does not want to receive notifications to archive them, knowing he will not see them again or know nothing unless he deactivates the mode.

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