"The appearance of dengue serotype 4 changes the epidemiological landscape of the province," warned the director of Epidemiology


The director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health of the province, Jorge Gutiérrez, warned on Monday that there is concern about the emergence in Paraguay of serotype 4 of dengue, for which he recommended not to go to the neighboring country and, if he does, precautions of the case to avoid the sting of Aedes, warning that if someone already had dengue of another type of contract serotype 4 may be severe or hemorrhagic type.

Jorge Gutiérrez- Radio República

He explained that Misiones as a border province has a complex scenario, "we shared with Brazil that it has, in terms of dengue, the four circulating serotypes and that Paraguay had a few years ago with one like us, but from last year He introduced type 4 and began to have cases of hemorrhagic dengue, so it was to be expected that at some point he would catch us because we have a lot of circulation with our neighbors. "

In a dialogue with Rádio República, Gutiérrez commented that "in the north with Ciudad del Este and here with Itapúa, in recent weeks there has been a notable increase in patients with type 4, before it was type 1 that was normally, to the point of such In Itapúa, 14 cases were mentioned from one week to the next and the same is happening in the north, and now, in the last weeks, we have confirmed, first a type 4 case in Iguazú and six more cases. province, but we have to announce that type 4 entered the province, which means that on a notified patient basis we will have the possibility of some patients who already had serotype 1 with a new infection with serotype 4, with the possibility of having a severe form of dengue. "

The official explained that dengue has 4 serotypes and stressed that there is seriousness when "a patient, and this can happen every 5 years, which at that time had a serotype, some of them, which circulated for decades here and another serotype is incorporated into the circulation of that territory, and in the overlap has a 15% greater chance of doing serious forms.When it is of the type that you have a previous infection by any of the three types, the person can get to have the shock of dengue that is the most severe, it may have a hemorrhagic form. "

Before the consultation cross or not to Paraguay, Gutierrez said the advice is that they will not "within the possible, because we have this serotype installed, those 7 patients that I am telling you, everyone has verified that they have traveled to Paraguay, we have the possibility of extending for a couple of years without hemorrhagic forms, we have to reduce statistically which people bring the serotype. "

Regarding the care of having to face this situation the employee said they are the same that are spreading, they take care of the bite, because it is still the same vector, "we have to avoid the bite of the aedes, work in the vector", and recommended intensifying the preventions domains of containers with water and descacharrización ".

He stressed that "we should continue to work on having low larval rates, the usual recommendations, to emphasize that" appearance of type 4 changes the province's epidemiological landscape. "

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