The ANMAT banned the sale of two olive oils and a dietary supplement


The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) banned the marketing of two olive oils and a dietary supplement.

In the first case, provision 1924/2018, published on Monday in the Official Bulletin, prohibits the commercialization of the product "Extra virgin olive oil first pressed, brand Villa Mazan", RNP N 300386, Env .: March 2018, Vto. : March 2020, Land extended to the sun of La Rioja ".

It also prohibits the sale of "Extra virgin olive oil, FAMIGLIA ANDREOLI brand, preferably consumed before / lot N: March 2019, RNPA 12-0005931, prepared and packaged by RNE 12-000503 for ANDREOLI HNOS. SRL, San Martn 314, Floor 2, Department A, city of La Rioja ".

According to the agency, these are "products that can not be clearly and clearly identified as produced, processed and / or fractionated in a particular establishment".

As regards the dietary supplement, provision 1932/2018 states that the product based on spirulina and magnesium, spirulina enriched with magnesium, brand Moots, "is in violation of Article 3 of Law 18284, Article 3 of Annex II of Decree 2126/71 and Articles 6 bis, 155, 1383 and 1383 bis of the CAA for lack of authorization of product, enter the legend without TACC, without being authorized as such, resulting in being falsely labeled and consequently illegal ", justify the ANMAT.



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