The analyst, Mat Piscatella, believes that Playstation 5 and Scarlett will be announced in 2019



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Advertisements around the video game industry do not cease, and much, too, we would say, has been said in recent days around the new generation of consoles. All this is preceded by the announcement he made Sony Playstation a couple of weeks ago when he officialized that he will not have presence in E3 2019.

Obviously the speculations did not wait. One of the most relevant theories we discussed in TierraGamer, and this came from the hand of one of the industry's most important analysts, Michael Pachter, who assured that the non-attendance of Playstation to E3 had to see directly that the brand would not have already great launches and that in the short term would make official announcement of the Playstation 5. Here the complete note.

Michael Pachter: Playstation does not go to E3 because it has no games to show

They say that when the river sounds it's water, and now another recognized analyst has casually said through Twitter that he believes that both Microsoft and Sony, will announce sometime in 2019 the Playstation 5 and Scarlett.

In addition to being encouraged to say that 2019 will be the year of the announcement for Playstation 5 and Scarlett, we can also read that Piscatella forecasts a decline in sales of the current consoles.

Mat Piscatella is an analyst whose opinion at industry level has weight, in the past he has made some predictions, especially at console and game sales, and in most of the time has given him the reason. We will see if it is that soon both Microsoft and Sony confirm or give an official announcement on the new generation of consoles.


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