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The Amazing Confession of Love by Jimena Barón – 11/24/2018

If we had to choose the most active celebrities in social networks, Jimena Barón (31) would be one of the leaders of this list. Its followers (who far exceed 4 million and a half) are accustomed to being part of their daily lives, to learn when rehearsing the rhythms of Dancing for a dream, when he makes a funny video with his son Morrison (4), fruit of the relationship with the player Daniel Osvaldo (32), even when he begins a new relationship with someone, as happened with the tennis player Juan Martín del Potro (30) or Rodrigo Romero (36), actor with whom he shared the filming of the movie about "El Potro", Rodrigo.

In recent weeks, we have also learned through their social networks about the beginning of a new love story with their dancing dancer, Mauro Caiazza.

In addition to his videos and photos on Instagram very close to the rehearsals, both are amused and play their previous one in the program led by Marcelo Tinelli in El Trece. Despite the enthusiasm and happiness that the singer emanates, Caiazza has not yet conquered her heart, and this must be consulted by the program Confronted in The nine about who was the great love of his life, Baron was surprised by his revelation.

"So far, the father of my son, of course, is the person with whom I decided to have a child, I was very, very, very in love," Jimena confessed. When asked, he was asked if he felt the same for another man and acknowledged, "No, not until now."

Finally, the singer spoke directly to those who think that once the dance is over (which will be in late December), her relationship with Caiazza will come to an end: "It can always happen. I'm very clear that this can happen," he said. Baron, but then asked, "I wish everyone had a little more faith in it because I'm very happy."

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