The acid commentary by Ángel de Brito on Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro | Diário de Cuyo


Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro announced their separation after nine years together. The couple has two kids. This afternoon they broke the silence publicly and assured that two months ago they were not together, but decided to share the vacation with the family.

What's more impressive is that just a few weeks ago some messages in the Instagram profiles raised suspicions and reinforced the rumors of separation, amidst versions of violence and harsh accusations.

"I'm finally going to get rid of this.I'll take off the mask.I respected you for a long time.I cried and shut up.I regret everything that will happen next, not for you, but for all the people that really love you and all those who believe that you are a great person, especially three who "admire" you., said the text and ended directly, "But the psychopath, violent, drug addict, and I can continue, someone has to stop."

The truth is that in a few hours, the actress erased the content and raised a clarification that generated more noise. "Both me and Luciano hacked our phones"He stated and thanked the support.

With the confirmed news of the break, this statement takes a new look and it was the Angel of Brito himself who posted on Twitter a suggestive message: "How good was the hacker."

This Monday at noon, Rojas said again that his accounts had been invaded. Believe it or explode.


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