That was how the plane Emiliano Sala was traveling was inside.


On Monday, January 21, Emiliano Sala left Nantes for the last time in his new destination: Cardiff. But fate had prepared another plan for him and the small plane in which it traveled fell and sank in the Channel.

After two weeks of searching, they found the device at 63 feet deep. The Piper PA-64 Malibu N264DB patent was quickly recognized and what remains is to be able to lower to remove the bodies from the fuselage.

The first image of the plane sank in the English Channel.
The first image of the plane sank in the English Channel.

A video that the BBC shows in detail exactly what that airplane was like. In the images you can see David Henderson, owner of the ship and had to pilot it (finally David Ibbotson did this), doing a short tour of the aircraft. a single engine and with space for five passengers besides the pilot and the co-pilot.

This aircraft is manufactured by Piper Aircraft, and all its devices are small and propeller prop planes. It can reach 407 kilometers per hour and climb up to 6720 meters. It is 8.80 meters long, 13.1 meters wide and 3.4 meters high, supports up to 1416 kilos and has an autonomy of 2668 kilometers (almost as if it were from Buenos Aires to Cusco).

UK Department of Air Accident Investigation (AAIB) confirmed that work began to recover the body found on the plane in which the Argentine was traveling. The aircraft was found Sunday at the bottom of the English Channel, 67 meters below sea level and north of the island of Guernsey.

AAIB said strong waves are making it harder for the body to be sighted on the plane's fuselage photographs. "We are trying to recover the body if we succeed, we will consider the feasibility of bringing the wreckage back to the surface," the British Air Accident Investigation Office (AAIB) announced in a brief statement.


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