Thanks to a molecule, with exercise you can reduce abdominal fat


Are you one of those who say that you will never be able to lower that belly? Science has something to tell you: abdominal fat can be reduced with exercise. It turns out that sports releases a molecule that is responsible, among other things, for stimulating the breakdown of fats.

At least that's the opinion of scientists at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). In an article published in the scientific journal Cellular Metabolism they concluded that responsible for this decline is a molecule called interlucine-6. While this component is involved in the inflammatory response, it also regulates the energy metabolism.

To prove this, they recruited 53 overweight adults and divided them into groups. Some have received tocilizumab, a drug that blocks interleukin and is used in cases of rheumatoid arthritis; for others, they received a placebo. After twelve weeks of cycling, the results showed that the second group reduced visceral abdominal fat, whereas in the first group (treated with the drug) the effect was reversed.

"We all know that exercise promotes better health but now we are also aware that regular training reduces abdominal fat mass and therefore potentially risk of developing cardiometabolic diseases"Anne-Sophie Wedell-Neergaard, the lead author of the article, told foreign media.

This, as we have said, Abdominal fat is the most damaging to health, as it accumulates between the viscera, inflames the arterial walls and favors cardiac and cerebrovascular risk. Also, to know if your health is at risk, you can measure the circumference of your waist to know the index. It is considered that men and women with high CC values ​​(102 cm and 88 cm, respectively) are at an increased risk of developing cardiometabolic diseases.

O next steps These researchers will seek the link between interlucine-6 ​​and the use of carbohydrates to generate energy and the possibility of injecting it and having the same effect. In the meantime, exercise is not as effective as taking medications to combat high blood pressure, but it will help prevent heart problems.


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