"Thank you for your words and your gesture beyond colors" – 08/01/2019


Rodrigo Mora thanked the message to Maradona, who sent a text of support and encouragement at this difficult time for the Uruguayan. "How proud of me," returned Morita.

"We do not know each other, @ romoriita11, but I talk to you in the same way, as if I knew you. In this there are no shirt colors and no passion involved. I just want to give you my full support. I hope you stay in football, do not let yourself be. Fight her how I fought her. I was really fucked, but I got a hook and I beat it. You have all the strength in the world. That is why I hope this year will give you the opposite of what is happening to you. I send you a big Uruguayan hug!"

The words of Diego Maradona dedicated to Rodrigo Mora through his Instagram came to the eyes of the Uruguayan and he returned the message in thanks to the support and encouragement at this time that he has to move on after his retirement from football.

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"How proud of me that someone with such history gives me their support. Thank you Maradona for your words and your gesture that goes beyond the colors. I send you a big hug and I hope you have a great 2019"Morita wrote in response.

Mora's response to Maradona's message.

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