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Terrible mistake of Luis Brandoni! Do you loose Mauricio Macri?

The actor made a very serious mistake and the networks did not forgive him.

Luis Brandoni is known to be one of the most militant actors in favor of Mauricio Macri's administration and most moved during the overwhelming results of PASO. That's why he is always dedicated to making videos that encourage Cambiemos fans and can stay until the October 27th general election.

"We will change that because we are more what we want the Republic, those who want democracy and those who want decency," are the first statements of the actor in the video being viralized on networks and whose original receiver was "a professional friend who asked. However, in addition to the good predisposition of the actor, made a mistake difficult to justify.

“You are preparing to inspect, which is the most important mechanism of any election. On October 27, among other things, a kind of curse will end: a non-Peronist government will end its mandate after 91 years, but the last was Don Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear in 1928, ”said Brandoni. The error becomes almost imperceptible, however, the defect exists in plain sight.

In addition to the election results, Macri's term ends on December 10 and not on the same Sunday as the vote. However, his own statements ended up playing tricks on him. In addition, the video has been shared thousands of times and received many other comments, some following his speech and others not endorsing it.

"Let's turn a page of history because we will strengthen the Republic and you will be protagonists because they are the essential mechanism of the election," reiterated the 86-year-old, urging Together's militants to change. undertake to vote, this is not lacking and they exercise their right with joy. "This is missing in Argentina, among other things," he said in reference to this point.

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