Ten years after murdering their partner, they freed Daniel Bellini, the sombre "King of the Night."


The Moron Appeals Chamber granted probation to the employer last Thursday Daniel Bellini (68) who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crime of his partner, the dancer Brunette Pearson (23), occurred in 2008.

According to confirmed judicial sources, the benefit comes to Bellini five years after the Morón Criminal Court No. 1 of Morón granted him house arrest as a result of an argument in which his defense showed that he suffered from the disease. Parkinson's. Now, with two-thirds of the sentence completed, he obtained the release.

Bellini, owner of the bowling Ramos Mejía "Pinar de Rocha", was sentenced by TOC No. 1 of Morón in 2011 to the penalty of 16 years in prison. The following year, the Court of Cassation of Buenos Aires upheld the sentence, although it reduced the sentence to 15 years. This decision was confirmed in 2015 by the Supreme Court of the Nation.

The fact that determined the sentence of Bellini occurred in the early hours of March 21, 2008, after a discussion between this man and the victim, in "Pinar de Rocha", where he worked as a dancer. That night, the young woman went to the house where she lived with Bellini and where her daughter lived.

According to the manager's version, he followed her there, told her the relationship was over and returned to bowling. From the beginning of the case, Bellini said that when he returned to the house he found his partner lying in the dressing room of the room in a puddle of blood and bullet wounds.

But after the investigation, it was discovered that there were no remnants of gunpowder in the hands of the woman and the gun found on the spot had been cleaned.

Bellini record not just the mark of Pearson's murder (when there has not been an aggravating circumstance of homicide due to gender violence, implying a life sentence).

Your criminal background which dates from the 1980s, and in its file are the crimes of false of a public instrument, blows, illicit association, possession of weapons, fraud. However, Bellini almost always avoided the sentences or had low sentences.

Between 1991 and 1994, the entrepreneur He took refuge in Paraguay. with a fake identity, after he was investigated for forging dollars. At his home in the Castelar neighborhood, police had found a printing press and 25 thousand $ 100 bills in full production.

Bellini was discovered, had to return to the country with the handcuffs, but Justice changed the cover, which allowed, thanks to the accusation of "attempted falsification", to be released and sentenced to seven years in prison. Your lawyer has been Víctor Stinfale.


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