"Sweet and passionate": the incredible voice of Franco, son of Romina Yan


Cris Morena shared a video of her eldest grandson Francosinging a song in English and He surprised the 18-year-old with his mother, Romina Yan.

"I love to hear you sing, sweet and passionate beloved grandchild", the producer wrote on his Twitter account along with Franco's video, which immediately received over one hundred thousand "I liked" it.

"Every time I see him I remember what Romi loved him"," ANDShe is as beautiful as her mother "" She is the same as Romina "," What a beautiful grandson you are, talented, transparent "," Very beautiful voice and this song is wonderful, heals all pain "and" inherited talent " were some of the comments that the creator received Chiquititas.

Although it is discreet, Franco became known in the middle of this year when he and his brothers Valentín and Azul participated in ViveRo, the tribute to his mother who died in 2011.

Franco was born on February 6, 2000 and is the first child of Romina and her husband Darío Giordano: "I had a great pregnancy and childbirth, I had a lot of fun, I never felt bad, it was very good, cool, everything, "the actress had said with him still baby-guns, by introducing him 18 years ago in the living room of Susana Giménez.


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