Susana Gimnez and Ricardo Darn met again in Punta del Este


It all started in 2019 and several celebrities decided to move away from the media and vacation in different tourist destinations. Some have opted for gas holidays, such as Soledad Silveyra, others have traveled to their summer houses and some have played and opted for more exotic places, Jorge Latana and Beto Casella, were two of the cases.

The truth is that the destination that most chooses the figures of the entertainment world is Punta del Este, the paradisiacal landscape of the neighboring country was the election of the Tinelli, Pampita, Mico Peak, Nicole Neumann, Matas Tasn and Susana Gimnez, who decided to enjoy the beach, sun and sand of Uruguay.

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Recently Susana coincided with Ricardo Darn, the numbers were found in the Uruguayan destination and were very happy to establish a dialogue between them. Despite their breaks, they met for a purpose of work, since Gimnez and Darn will start a real estate project.

The former partner and a group of celebrities were chosen by the group Cipriani, which celebrated the launch of a new labor project and brought together prominent characters from the group, including the phone diva and the actor, who were members of the group. The protagonists of the night were: Griselda Siciliani, Julieta Ortega, Cláudia Fortn, businessmen and Uruguayan authorities, besides those mentioned above.

On the other hand, the place chosen to gather the figures was Gin Tonic, the wonderful farm of Giuseppe Cipriani, located in the heart of Barra and surrounded by forests, vineyards and a splendid countryside. But that was not all, other celebrities who were not behind and decided to share with their followers some Christmas cards were Marcelo Tinelli, Florencia Pea and the couple composed by: Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro, they chose different places, but they coincided in a single purpose: rest. The driver of the Dance was one of those who uploaded on the social networks some photos of the mischief of Lolo, his youngest son, and of course, shared some images in which he appears and his wife, Guillermina Valdes, enjoying an afternoon of companions and beach.

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Susana Gimenez and Ricardo Darin

Susana Gimenez


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