Thursday , August 5 2021

Susana Giménez, week on the verge of scandal

This week Gente magazine launched a cover that gave a lot to talk on social networks. It turns out that the publishers of the well-known publication decided to use a photo of Susana Giménez that had already appeared on the cover of the magazine of the diva … but in 2013!

"There are not enough men to surprise me" quote the cover of the weekly, next to a very "retouched" image of Telefe's historic host.

As is often the case with social networks, the detail did not go unnoticed and several users pointed out. Before the cataract of tweets, through the magazine account came out to explain the choice of the image.

And so did the editor Sebastian Soldano: "It was something agreed with Susana. Since she does not make productions in the summer, the magazine made a selection along with her of the best photos that the magazine of Susana had," he explained.

But it was not enough for the diva, who ended up in the middle of the media harassment and social media quite cruel.

This scandal will have echoed Charly García, within the framework of an interview with Sergio "Chupete" Herrero for the Concert FM Point 95.1 of Punta del Este. Accompanied by his friend former soccer player Juan Pablo Sorín,The musician surprised the studio and, in a good mood, reviewed different aspects of the stage that was happening.

Charly even made a show at a brewery in Punta Ballena, where she surprised to announce the concert the same day and sing for about forty minutes.

"I'll treat her," Charly replied when asked how she was in Punta del Este. "Are you going to get into some other stage?" The speaker asked, but replied in a negative tone.

Although in recent times little is known about the life of Charly García, what she preferred in this interview was pointing unexpectedly to another life: or Susana Giménez.

When asked what the diva would say, her answer was concise: "Let go of the lasagna." Even Juampi Sorín tried to get him out of the wrong moment with a comment to close the note: "He likes it and makes us like it all," he said, wanting to justify the joke.

Who does not know anything is Susana, who had a more relaxed than productive 2018. Darío Turovelzky, Director of Global Content at Telefe, He told Telam a few days ago that they are seeing what format to use to agglionar their program, which would see the light in the first half of the year.

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