Thursday , April 22 2021

Susana defended Mirtha for the alleged case with Monzón

After Luis Ventura announced the alleged case between Monzón and Mirtha Legrand, Susana Giménez left to defend her friend during the Gente party and pointed to the journalist.

Susana Giménez defended Mirtha Legrand.
Susana Giménez defended Mirtha Legrand.

During the People of the Year festival of Gente magazine, Mariano Yúdica came to greet the TV divas, that is, to Susana Giménez and Mirtha Legrand. Although they were seen in a very good mood, they did not pass on a comment made by Luis Ventura on the program they share.

While sipping dinner, Susana Giménez censured Mariano Iúdica for the version of the alleged case between Mirtha Legrand and Monzón. As soon as he saw it, the diva said, "Hey, did you say she left with Monzón?

Immediately, Playful tried to explain that the rumor had been released by his companion Luis Ventura, however, Susana said between the laughter "But it is pelotu …" while Chiqui questioned him: "He said that we were not twins with Goldie."

In defense of her friend, Susana Giménez reiterated with laughter, "But he's an idiot!" Far from being angry, Ventura took the diva's phrases with humor.

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Source: Magazine of the city.

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