Surprised Gymnastics Race, which did not look like the Super League – 01/15/2019


Fortunately for Eduardo Coudet and his Racing, this Monday was not – even – on the night of January 26, that the rival was not Aldosivi and that was not the resumption of the Super League, which has as sole leader and maximum candidate for the title. It was here in Mar del Plata, yes. But it was, to Chacho's relief, only the first pre-season friendly on the Argentine coast.

Without Lisandro López and his usual beginners, who stayed in Buenos Aires adjusting the set-up (with Darío Cvitanich included), Gimnasia de La Plata won by 2 to 1 with the ball stopped. From above you can not see, the Academy sang in a depopulated of Jose Maria Minella (which was at 40 percent). Suffered by the air this alternate run, which led to drowsiness over the end, but did not achieve equality.

Night of tests and errors for those of Avellaneda. And night of returns with hugs and auspicious premieres for the platenses. Franco Mussis took five minutes to seal his return with a goal of his own. The midfielder who returned to the club that saw him born and to which he has a more than special affection was the one who collected the ball that was lost in the area of ​​Javier Ayala and hit a powerful volley to the beginning of 1 to 0, the which took everyone by surprise.

This move came from a free kick well executed by Alexis Gomez, a Peruvian midfielder who came from Minnesota United and rode the 10th Wolf for the first time in La Feliz. Gymnastics hits first with a weapon they know how to use: the ball still. And exactly the same thing happened 20 minutes later. This time the shipment was by Victor Ayala. The old lanús followed its auction, which was controlled in the distance by the left parietal Manuel Guanini, who won in the jump to Lucas Orban.

It was difficult for him to react to Racing. He failed to reach the arch of Alexis Martin Arias with real danger during the first stage. And the only triangular movement was built between Augusto Solari, the debutant boy Alexis Cuello and Nery Cardozo. This action ended with the overflow of Solari and a center with no happy destination. The old river won again right on the next, although its shipment did not prosper.

With a Pol Fernández without becoming the dominator of the ball, the Academy was finding it difficult to find clarity to reach the rival territory. An error by Guanini, who delivered the ball to Cuello, could have meant the discount, but Jonatan Cristaldo shot over the crossbar. By that time, the Gymnastics had already retreated with the advantage of two goals in their favor and Racing abused the possession without damaging.

What hurt was the sharp game that referee Fernando Echenique allowed. Mussis and Santiago Silva must have been at least reprimanded for strong kicks. Silva, even, tired of talking and provoking Orban and Schlegel before the judge who was determined not to carry cards.

All back and Silva nine was the second time of those led by Pedro Troglio. the court was cut to 50 meters of the field platense, with Racing in the same monotonous rhythm of the first time. Churry Cristaldo broke with the drowsiness of the entire Racing scoring the rebate with a good shout from the marker. This served to spice it up at the end of a typical summer party.

The gymnastics had a couple of counterattacks, with a shot at Comba's bat included, in which he could stretch the lead. And those of Chacho, already with Ricardo Centurión in the court, went look for a tie that they could never find. All runners expect the 26 against Aldosivi, the story at this same stadium is very different.

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