Surprise in the River's new alternative t-shirt?


River Plate The year has not started in the best way. The team that manages tactically Marcelo Gallardo He has fallen in his three official presentations so far in 2019. In addition to renewing his goals for this new year that began about a month ago, the millionaire will renew his clothes to face the next appointments in the best way. Is that in the last hours leaked a new alternative clothing that would wear La Banda throughout the season.

Adidas, the brand that wears the cast of Núñez, continues to innovate in terms of sports models. Despite the fact that the German company had confirmed that it had developed grenade shirts and pants in honor of Torino, Celebrating one of the worst football-related crashes, leaked a prototype of red and black clothing as River Plate's third shirt.

The reality is that it would be a special model of the company that represents some of the best clubs in the world, outside of the three usual jackets that each team uses each year. Therefore, it is presumed that the Millionaire would have four shirts to face the five competitions that will be ahead in 2019. In the classic red and white dress, we added violet clothes, the garnet set and the new red and black model. The Band will compete in the Superliga Argentina, the Argentine Cup, the League Cup, the Copa Libertadores of America and the Recopa Sudamericana.

The T-shirt in honor of Torino would be presented on May 4, when it will celebrate the seventy years of aerial tragedy that shocked both locals and strangers. It should be noted that Nuñez's squad was one of the teams that most collaborated with the Italian institution after the accident in 1949.

However, today the priority of the millionaire is to reverse the bad moment that the school lives during this year. It is that the team commanded by Marcelo Gallardo has three consecutive defeats: Rio lost to Defense and Justice by 1 to 0, was defeated by the Union by 2 to 1 and, days later, could not beat the Patronato, which took to 3 1 in the monumental stadium.


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