Summer of 2019 and the "price war" between Argentina, Chile and Brazil


Between January and September 2018, the volume of Argentine tourists in Chile fell by 21.8%, while in the same period the number of Chilean tourists in Argentina increased by 4%, according to official data. It is that last year, the Argentine peso had a strong devaluation and this harmed the buying power in the same Argentineans, and at the same time favored the arrival of foreign tourists.

The same happened with Argentine tourism in Brazil: with the Argentine currency having lost more value last year (except Venezuela), the number of trips to Brazil was reduced. However, for those who live in limited provinces, such as Corrientes and Misiones, Brazil is still the best option when choosing beaches for vacations.

How are the prices?

A price query that today publishes websites such as Carrefour Brasil and Santa Isabel (Chilean supermarket), compared to what is now available in Mendoza, the price difference of some products are as follows (the listing also adds information on some indicators economic, which is fundamental to understand the context of these three nations). In all cases, in Argentine pesos:

There are also price publications for specific portals, which although not exact, serve to provide an approximation of their values ​​in relation to Argentina. The following list corresponds to

Chile vs Brazil prices in Argentine pesos (source:



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