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Summer football has its calendar: day and time of all games


The year of football is over. This 2018 is history for the ball. The players rest and wait for the Parties while recharging their energies to return with everything or change their team and arrive with renewed airs.

And so they can anticipate what's to come, they, the leaders, trainers and fans, the calendar of games of the traditional summer tournament was announced, which will have several features.

The first is that there will be no classics. Yes, in this 2019 that starts there will be no clashes between River and Boca or between Independiente and Racing. Neither the rest of the derbies, not even among the teams inside.

That will cut a series of summer Superclasics that has not been stopped since 1982, that is, 36 consecutive years with the big game in January. The sites were Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Cordoba, Salta and Chaco. It was even played in Montevideo. It was not even interrupted in 2012 when the millionaire was in National B.

The other is that River's presence has not yet been confirmed. As the band has just finished this year after the Club World Cup, the preseason will start later than all other teams and on January 19 will have to recover a pending match of the Superliga against Defense and Justice. But he could play a game on Tuesday 15 against the Nacional de Montevideo in Punta del Este. Not San Lorenzo or Hurricane.

Thus, the clubs that will participate are Boca, Independiente, Racing, Rosario Central, Gymnastics, Workshops, Belgrano, Union, San Martin de Tucumán and Aldosivi.

The first game will be on Friday January 11 in Salta, between the Surgeon and the T, while Xeneize will begin the year (probably with Gustavo Alfaro as DT) on Wednesday 16 in Mar del Plata against the Tatengue.

Calendar of the 2019 summer tournament

Friday, January 11 (Salta)

22.10: San Martín de Tucumán Vs. Workshops

Sunday, January 13 (Rosary)

22.10: Rosario Central vs. Belgrano de Córdoba

Monday, January 14 (Mar del Plata)

22.10: Racing vs. Fitness

Tuesday, January 15 (Punta del Este)

22.10: Rio vs. National of Uruguay (to be confirmed)

Wednesday, January 16 (Mar del Plata)

22.10: Boca vs. Unity

Friday, January 18 (Mar del Plata)

22.10: Independent Vs. Fitness

Saturday, January 19 (Mar del Plata)

22.10: Racing vs. Central Rosary

Sunday, January 20 (Mar del Plata)

22.10: Boca Juniors vs. Aldosivi

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