Study reveals that air travel is a & # 39; vaccine & # 39; which protects mankind


Mexico City.- The British newspaper The Daily Mail revealed the results of the University of Oxford, on the health benefits of people around the world.

When you travel by plane you work as a vaccine that strengthens the Imune system of the inhabitants of the destination of your flight.

Vaccines work because they inject a small dose of the weakened strain of the disease that you want to protect yourself from. Basically with the vaccine you teach your body to fight against the future diseases exposing you to a weak voltage.

The team led by the researcher Robin Thompson He estimates that air travel will constantly spread the strains of weak diseases around the world.

Every time we fly, we increase the resistance of the immune system millions of people for a wide range of bacteria and viruses, according to the British media.

O scientists Those responsible for the study indicate that if a disease becomes deadly, such as a pandemic, much of humanity will already have protection against it in its immune system.

This mechanism is comparable to that used by vaccines. In a way, people become vaccines where are we going while we carry virus and bacteria from our places of source.

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