Friday , October 22 2021

Strong breathalyzer control during Christmas Eve Buenos Aires | Chronic


More than 1240 alcohol and narcotics controls were performed during Christmas night in the city of Buenos Aires, of which 68 were positive, as reported by the Buenos Aires Department of Transportation.

Only during the night of Monday 1242 were controls performed on alcohol and narcotics and 5.5% were positive, a number that far exceeded the average of the year, which is 1.4%, according to the ministry.

In addition, if we consider the end of Christmas week (Friday 21, Saturday 22, Sunday 23 and Monday 24 December), out of a total of 4487 controls, 149 positive (3.3%) were recorded.

As part of the year-end festivities over the Christmas weekend, the controls were intensified with the addition of 14 unique exclusive seats to those normally held in different parts of the city, a scheme that will be repeated in the days before the celebration of the Year New.

Carolina, a transit agent parked in front of the Palermo Hippodrome, in Chronic HD confirmed the numbers obtained during the morning of Tuesday and relied on that there were no cases in which the drivers had resisted or violated.

"People are becoming aware"said on confirming that the controls will be held throughout Tuesday and that they will move across the federal capital.

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