Starbreeze seeks solution for The Walking Dead of Overkill


As we reported yesterday, Skybound has terminated its contract with developer Starbreeze because Overkill Undead does not meet expected quality. As a result, the launch of the game would not materialize on consoles. To find a solution, Starbreeze said it is looking for an agreement with Skybound.

Through a statement on its official website, the company said it received the news of the contract with Skybound and talked about it and mentioned what could happen if they did not lead the negotiations to a successful conclusion. "Starbreeze has been told that the product will likely be turned off for future sales on the Steam platform, and failure to reach an agreement between Starbreeze and Skybound will mean that the game will not be available for sale on Steam and that the console version will not be released. "

To put the underperformance of the title in context, Starbreeze shared financial statistics showing the reception Overkill Undead. "Sales related to OTWD represented MSEK 34.1 (US $ 3.68 million) in the fourth quarter of 2018. Costs in relation to the development of OTWD far outweigh the profits generated. There are no assets related to OTWD on the balance sheet of the Starbreeze Group ".

This is a consequence of the poor performance of the game on the PC. One of the first official positions came after the distributor revealed that the console game would be delayed to solve various problems. The previous thing made many users suspect that the game would be canceled, something that days later seemed almost confirmed.

What do you think of the negative reception that the game had? Do you think they can rescue the game? Tell us in the comments.

In related information, since December the company Starbreeze showed that it was in trouble after they announced that they would be without a CEO due to a restructuring process. In recent days, Starbreeze also announced that it would not be the distributor of System crash 3.

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