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"Stan", the robot that parks cars

January 29, 2019

Valet parking is designed to park more vehicles in a certain area, as it will not be necessary to open the doors.

Technological advances are not surprising to society. The robotics seem to have no limits and in this case a French company decided to bet on the development of artificial intelligence androids to park hundreds of cars at the Gatwick British airport.

Firstly, breeders will carry out a pilot program in which Stan will be tested and will have to demonstrate their skills as valet parking.

They introduced a new police version of "Aibo," the robot dog

In August will be the demonstration of the new robot and will be three months in duration. The date was chosen based on the holiday period of the European country where they expect you to have a lot of work to do in order to effectively evaluate their respective operation.

The procedure is as follows: drivers will leave their car at a predetermined location and then call the android who has driving skills through a touch screen and will be responsible for taking the vehicle to a specific location.

They introduced the robots that will handle the delivery in the future.

Stan will scan it to determine its size, and then load it to find a suitable space, thanks to the fact that this creation, which works with electricity, uses a GPS system to complete its new task.

The invention has already been tested in airports Charles de Gaulle in Paris, as well as other places such as Lyon and Dusseldorf, where site owners and managers ensure they have far exceeded expectations.

"Stanley Robotics" It is the company that was responsible for running this model. The company was aware of everything, since the robot does not produce pollution and is the only one that has access to the cars, thus ensuring the safety of the units.

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