Spectacular video of the Chinese ship descending on the hidden side of the moon


A spectacular video offers a view of the first landing of a spacecraft on the other side of the moon, starring the Chinese mission Chang & # 39; and 4, thanks to its onboard camera.

The black and white images of the Chinese space agency (CNSA) begin with a view of the lunar landscape dotted with craters in front of the darkness of space. After one minute, the camera rotates down. Dozens of small craters on the floor of Von Karman's giant crater stand out as the spacecraft heads to the surface.

Then Chang & # 39; and 4 briefly stop their descent, probably looking for the safest place to land, after which the spacecraft heads to the lunar ground again.

The video shows a wave of dust raised by the Chang & # 39; 's 4 descent engines just before the ship touches the surface.

Chang & 4; and 4 consists of a stationary landing module and a six-wheeled vehicle, which the mission team called Yutu 2, which means jade rabbit in Chinese, reports Space.com. The first Yutu was the vehicle of the Chang & # 39; and 3 mission, which landed on the nearest side of the moon in December 2013.


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