Space tourism, closer than ever: the VSS Unity record (video)


The US company Virgin Galactic, specializing in the development of technologies for space tourism, has again tested its VSS Unity device. The video of these essays was posted on YouTube.

On December 13, 2018, the device managed to climb to an altitude of more than 82.7 kilometers, and developed a speed of 2.9 Mach (about 3,580 km / h), reports

Initially, the ship rose to the altitude of 15 kilometers with the help of the aircraft carrier WhiteKnightTwo. Later, pilot Mark Stucky and his co-driver Frederick Sturckow turned on the device's engine and it reached record altitude and then landed on the runway in Mojave, California.

"SpaceShipTwo, welcome to space", wrote the company on your Twitter account

Although at Virgin Galactic it considers that the space begins at an altitude of 80 kilometers, several aerospace organizations determine that the limit of the space is located to about 100 kilometers.

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Scientists from the International Federation of Aeronautics have proposed to their colleagues from the International Astronautical Federation to discuss the possibility of changing the boundary of space, lowering it to the altitude of 80 kilometers.

VSS Unity is the second spacecraft of the SpaceShipTwo class. Virgin Galactic is actively testing the new device and has already performed four test flights.


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