Sony confirmed the launch date of the new console «Daily The Capital of Mar del Plata


The fifth generation of the consoles family PlayStation, the historical videogames division of Sony, is approaching the market: after revealing the first technical details, Japan's technology giant said it plans to launch it for sale before April 2020.

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, this revelation emerged as part of the data leaked during 2018, the most profitable year in Sony's history, for both the video game division and the business as a whole.

In addition, Mochizuki added that Sony invested nearly $ 278 million in the development of the PlayStation 5.

Among the features of the console are the inclusion of a new disc player; backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4 and its PS VR virtual reality phone; a powerful processor and a graphics card designed by AMD; plus a custom storage system based on solid state SSD disks.

Another piece of support for the developer is the development kits that have been distributed among Sony-owned third-party studios so they can get started on the next PlayStation 5 games.

"If you wonder why Sony gave information to the PS5 right now, one reason (I hear) is that there are many studios that have received or will receive the development kits this month. Sony knew the information would leak and that is why they have moved on, "said chief editor of Kotaku gaming site Jason Schreier.


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