Sol Perez recalled the tragic death of his grandmother: "She was run over by a car and nothing was heard"


A very difficult story was given this Sunday, Sol Perez in his visit to the classic lunches of Mirtha Legrand. First, the old weather girl She remembered with a smile from her paternal grandmother: "I cry every time I remember her, when I was little I loved to dance and act, she lived with us, so she was like my mother too and my grandmother wanted me to I was in Dancing I was his fan (by Mirtha Legrand). "

Then he told the sad end of his familiar: "My grandmother died in an accident in June 2016. She was run over by a car and nothing was heard. It was in front of the Bocalandro hospital. "She went on to do a study because she did not want anything, had stomach cancer, they operated on her and it was super vital: she played tennis every weekend, practiced, Aquagym and also went to computer courses. He was 82 years old. "

Sol, with tears in her eyes, said: "One morning she left the house to study, and my father said:" I'll take you? "But she took the bus and crossed the street to reach Bocalandro , a car passed in red, allegedly dodging a truck and running over my grandmother. " He added: "It was all very strange because it happened between 6:30 and 7:00 AM and the cameras at that time did not work."

"They did not stop you?" Mirtha asked. "No," said Perez. And he continued: "The police who were at that moment gave the answer He was an older person & # 39; and the strangest thing was that when my grandmother suffered the accident, the phone rang in my house and I was told "you have to come to Bocalandro". Here they tell me that their grandmother had an accident, but they did not tell me that she had already died. "

"I called my father and he rushed to the hospital when my grandmother arrived with blood and clothes, they did nothing, they think it was the accident at 6:30 am and they died at 12:00," he said. . And he asked himself, "What have you done all this time?"

Finally, Sol Perez said that he always dedicates his dances to the program. "I do not know if I'm going to get over it," he told the driver. "I was uncertain if she knew what I loved"assured the Vedette.


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