Sol Pérez, protagonist of a controversy in the radio station Martín Fierro 2018 – 11/27/2018


Sol Pérez on the delivery of the radio Martín Fierro 2018? Because? A media in a party of radio workers? The question of many had its explanation: the blonde is co-host of FM Uno, along with Marcela Feudale, in Show Attack.

The gala this past Monday, at the Sheraton, was starring. Although Andy Kusnetzoff was the great gold winner and Pinky and Cacho Fontana received the ovation of the night for their distinction to the trajectorySince he stepped on the red carpet it was Sun who monopolized the looks and was a hub of debate in social networks.

"The Time Girl" was encouraged A very talented dress and many assured that she had no underwear. "Graciela Alfano," commented some detractors of this girl who already surpasses three million followers in the Instagram.

Sol Pérez on Radio Martín Fierro 2018. (Movilpress).

Sol Pérez on Radio Martín Fierro 2018. (Movilpress).

"I kept showing you … that's good for you, try closing your mouth," he wrote on the Instagram, of anonymity, a "Polish 15". And the aggressions did not stop: "Get who you are Sol Perez !!!!! Why do not you lock yourself in your house and do good to everyone? You're nothing but a c … walking," followed another user, very much. violent, and the following comments were over 100.

More than 200,000 people played the video which she picked up on her Instagram account. The game that best knows how to play the sun is the provocation. And that increases your popularity.


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