Sol Perez has something that many River fans would like to have


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January 28, 2019

It is known of the fanaticism of the model by the club "Millionaire", although now the ex-girl of the climate has caused envy to many fanatics.

Sol Perez

Fans of River They spend one of the best moments of their history, after a historic achievement of the Copa Libertadores against Boca in Madrid in December 2018.

Many fans watched the home game, but others were encouraged and traveled to Spain to see the match that crowned the team of Marcelo Gallardo.

The poplar played from Gerardo Romano to Sol Pérez: "You appear and appear …"

However, there are many dreams River fans want to keep, and Sol Pérez He was at least responsible for fulfilling his own, generating the envy of many. The model attended the Millionaire Museum, in Mar del Plata, and took a particular photo there, which at that time did not provoke provocations.

"The most beautiful colors, the greatest team", The former weather girl published from the NH Provincial hotel next to the much-desired World Cup, who won River on December 9 last. The image was shared in his Instagram profile, and immediately generated thousands of tints and hundreds of comments.

By February 5 will be the River Museum in the spa town, and River fans can take a picture with the much-desired trophy.

Faced with the doubts of several netizens about which box Sol Pérez really was, this image took the doubts of many netizens: many thought he was a Xeneize fan, for his past with former player Lisandro Magallán, but now several issues have been clarified.

Sol Pérez enjoying the beach

Even in the publication that the young law student did, many fans of "Millionaire" and "Xeneize" began to load with previous games, remembering the final of the last Cup, and the descent of the River in the year 2011.


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