Thursday , March 4 2021

Sol Pérez confronted a man who was filming his tail with his cell phone

Sol Pérez is one of the most notable young people in Argentina for his physical attributes, for his strong personality and for not being silent at all. And that's why it was no surprise that the blonde faced a man in the audience filming his tail.

While the Climate Girl was giving a cell phone to the program "Gente opinando", the chicken Alvarez, who leads the cycle of Net TV, warned him about what was happening on the back: "For a second, stop for a second, tell the teacher behind this with the phone … It is an evil placed behind. , send her a kiss … "

"Look, what are you doing, Master? No, he's rude," the driver launched in dismay, and Perez said, "I do not understand what they're talking about."

Sol Pérez

"Sorry Sun, to be clear, what I saw from here is that he was making a pan that seemed to me poorly placed on the phone and I can confirm it," explained Chicken.

And there was that the old "Dancing" faced the viewer live: "Sir, what are you recording?" The roommates are seeing that he is recording things that is not good to record. If you tape my ass, it's ugly. "

"You can shoot me from here, shoot a general shot, but if you tape your ass …" he added.

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