Silvina Luna, super sexy of the beaches of Panama


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February 9, 2019

The model shared sensual postcards of your relaxed and healthy vacation in your Instagram account.

Cover by Silvina Luna

Silvina Luna did not want to miss the summer temperatures to pack and fly to Panama to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable stay on the beach.

Silvina Luna

From there, Rosario shared Instagram beautiful postcards, where he left part of his day to day. Bocas del Toro Yoga + eat and rest properly + good thoughts.Don't forget to take your healthy habits for your holidays, wrote Silvina, without losing sight of the care and health.

Silvina Luna

In addition, the model also played with sensuality and malice: "When you do the cute thing and the wave takes you", he said, in a photo in which he is observed in the sea, cooling off.

Silvina Luna

Days ago, the rosarina had lit the nets with a super sensual image of the bed, where she was observed completely naked. "Good night Good Night), expressed with an image that immediately filled with comments praising his figure.

After several months of separation "Polish", Silvina revealed that he used the application Happn when he was in U.S, although he emphasized that Argentina would not do it: "I had fun because they are people who are around or in the neighborhood, if you crossed someone, I talked to two or three people, but I did not meet", he confessed in an interview.

The photo of Silvina Luna naked before bed she shared with her followers

According to him, the model likes to go unnoticed. "Something I like very much when I travel is this: anonymity is a beauty. It is not that I deny (of fame), but the truth is that it is very good to be there and no one gives you a ball", he maintained and made an important confession: "I remember talking to an interesting musician. I always go to the same place: the tormentors."

"(In Argentina) they see your picture and it's something else, and people are predisposed in another way.It also happens, when you meet someone, first there maybe the combo with the character, and it costs.I am very transparent, but go for the person is the most important " added Moon to argue why you do not use the app to meet people when you're in our country.


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