Silvia Süller labeled Jimena Barón as catfish


Silvia Süller has just become news again thanks to the raging attack that Jimena Barón seems to have provoked him after using the media image as "meme."

It turns out that the Baron went through the hairdresser and then posted a joke on social networks: "I left my hair when I decided to make a thinner chestnut", wrote the singer next to a photo of Silvia Süller. But the joke went wrong and caused the strong reaction from the media.

"Why do not you close the beak and the ortho? With that fucking scent you have, dilated anus, You can not even have the authority to talk about me … 32 years of trajectory! empty?" Silvio Soldan's ex began to say.

But that was not all, the Süller began to slip offensive comments about the physical changes of the actress and some "warmers" Jimena helped Guido's sister with photos, while other users criticized the blonde to want to continue the Sub Champion Dance.



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