Sid's Straw Success Wins Reef Award


A passionate and conscientious message about saving the Great Barrier Reef from single-use plastics made Sid Crawshaw, a ten year old reef champion.

Sid received the 2018 Reef Champion Award: Reef Youth Under 15 award for reducing single-use plastic straws Wednesday night at Yeppoon.

Sid said he was a bit overwhelmed by the night.

"I was very nervous at first, but I calmed down to take advantage of the moment, because I was surprised and happy to win," said Sid.

"Just being there for me seemed like a victory in itself."

Sid enjoyed the evening being in the company of other winners and nominees.

He said he also liked the aboriginal dance that was performed at night.

The awards ceremony was organized by the Reef Alliance with the support of state and national governments.

The objective was to recognize the work of farmers, extension workers, youth and community groups for their work to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Sid wanted to get a message to others that anything people can do to help reduce plastic is a good start.

"If everyone does just one small thing to help, this will help solve the biggest problem of plastic in our water courses," said Sid.

"When I discovered there was almost a plastic island in the Pacific Ocean, I wanted to do something to try to stop it from growing."

Fitzroy Basin Association engagement manager Rebecca French said Sid impressed both jurors that a special award was made for him.

"Basically they made a category for the meaningful effort of someone so young doing what he did," Rebecca said.

"This is the first category for this award and Sid is a good model."

Sid already has plans for next year to get closer to more companies to stick to his one-time straw campaign ban.

During the awards ceremony, he met marine biologist Nicole Nash, who is based in Cairns and started The Last Straw campaign.

Nicole won the Reef Champion of 2018: Reef Youth Champion at the ceremony.

"I talked to Nicole during the night and we are going to work together next year to reduce the disposable straws," Sid said.


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