Shock multiple shock leaves 4 injured in Belgrano | Chronic


The men and a woman between the ages of 25 and 28 were injured this morning after a collision between three vehicles in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires and are investigating whether anyone was participating in a race, police sources said on Saturday.

The event took place around 6:30 am on Cabildo and Monroe avenues, in the commercial center of the neighborhood located in the northern part of the city of Buenos Aires, by the hand that goes to Avenida General Paz.
According to sources explained, two cars to Peugeot and Chevrolet circulated at high speed and for unknown reasons collided and ended up incorporated into a trade in the city of Cabildo and Monroe.

As a result of the first collision, between two cars in which two people traveled by vehicle, a third Fiat vehicle was hit by a friction and was crossed in one of the tracks of MetrobĂșs, although its occupants suffered only bruises.

Meanwhile, the three men and the woman who suffered multi-trauma and some cuts were immediately transferred to the hospital of Pirovano.

In the violence of the collision, a traffic light and a mailbox were impacted and displaced from their place, sources said, now trying to determine whether the accident occurred due to one of the drivers' checks or were accelerating because they both participated. of a "bite".

In this regard, the owner of the same, Alberto CrescentiHe said that "The wounded suffered multi-trauma and were taken to the hospital of Pirovano."

"One of the vehicles impacted a business, the large number of accidents that occur today is due to the human factor, mechanical failures are minimal in this type of accident," he pointed out.


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